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Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium products

Apart from the bigger projects we at Nirosta (Pty) Ltd pride ourselves over the years, to assist our customers wherever we can, and although we can handle various large projects, we also assist with small and medium sized work, from a small “high lift jack” bracket over braai equipment, pump station accessories to greenhouse portal frames and chimneys as indicated, but most definitely not limited to, below:

Automobile accessories

Many 4x4 enthusiasts approach us for various equipment from as small as a bracket to mount a high lift Jack to the trallies, a fuel or water tank in Stainless Steel on the back of the load box, a rear flap stainless steel liner, stainless steel or mild steel trallies to the customers special design or requirements, our specialty being Stainless Steel tubular trallies that are water fillable, running boards, and many more. But not do we only manufacture leisure and camping equipment, we also manufacture industrial accessories like for instance hydraulic oil tanks and heavy duty truck trallies, the possibilities are simply endless. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, we will assist in any possible manner.

Braai Equipment

We do stock a wide range of stainless steel braai grids and other (mainly) stainless steel braai equipment that we manufacture locally, as for instance rib stands, adjustable grid stands, our special braai shovel with a tot measure and a bottle opener, hot boxes, all amongst others. What we do not stock however, we can always manufacture especially for you. Many of the items can also be personalized for your individual note or as a special gift to others.

Pump station equipment

Our workshop is fully equipped to manufacture various stainless steel pipework and related products for pump stations, which range from a normal flanged pipe to a bell mouth, manifold, or fittings like tee-pieces, bends, reducers and similar. But next to these we also manufacture stainless steel rag catcher baskets, ladders and cat ladders, gantry’s, stainless steel manhole covers, guide rails and many more. Apart from manufacturing the above we also stock a vast range of stainless Steel BSP fittings, weld on flanges and scheduled pipe that we do also sell to the public.

Homeowners Accessories

Since Nirosta (Pty) Ltd opened its doors we have also assisted many home owners and building contractors with the manufacture of a wide range of building and decoration requirements. These include products like chimneys and cowls, heavy duty door frames in mild and stainless Steel, gates and doors, bumping rails, claddings and flashings, and even smaller items like for instance towel or curtain rails. 

Latest Products and Installations

We recently completed a project for Namibia Breweries for the design, supply and installation of six caustic tanks and the walkways and access ladders.

Nirosta built a tourist attraction feature at the “Rooi Dak Padstal” near Solitaire. The feature shows a Soviet rocket which supposedly crashed in the Namib Desert.

Stainless Steel 316 special made lobster-type sweep tee for Swakopmund Waterworks

The project entailed the design and construction of a hides conveyor to elevate the wet blue hides up to the fleshing machine at Nakara.The client aimed at a rate of 180 hides per hour.