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Agricultural equipment

Over the years Nirosta has fabricated numerous items catering for the farming community. Examples are warm water "donkeys" in mild steel or stainless steel, cattle lick mixers and troughs, game feeders, grass seed planters, branding irons and gas heaters for branding, a bush roller as dipicted in the gallery and many more. We are flexible to take on jobs of any magnitude and degree of  complexity.

Bush roller

Latest Products and Installations

We recently completed a project for Namibia Breweries for the design, supply and installation of six caustic tanks and the walkways and access ladders.

Nirosta built a tourist attraction feature at the “Rooi Dak Padstal” near Solitaire. The feature shows a Soviet rocket which supposedly crashed in the Namib Desert.

Stainless Steel 316 special made lobster-type sweep tee for Swakopmund Waterworks

The project entailed the design and construction of a hides conveyor to elevate the wet blue hides up to the fleshing machine at Nakara.The client aimed at a rate of 180 hides per hour.