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Tanks, silos and vessels

Nirosta (Pty) Ltd specialises in the manufacture of tanks, silos and vessels for a wide scope of industries. Per example listed below:

  • Various tanks and a filter drum for the mining industry, up to 4,6m diameter, up to 10 m tall, plate thickness up to 10 mm
  • Many silos of varying sizes for the grain/milling industry, a prestige project being eight final product bins including civil works for Bokomo Namibia. Each silo being 16,75 m tall and 3,2m diameter.
  • Various stainless steel tanks for the food and beverage industry is austenitic and duplex stainless steel.
  • A total 32 tank skirts in several batches of approximately 4,5m diameter and similar height for the beer tanks at Namibia Breweries.
  • Various filter vessels in mild steel and stainless steel, a prestige project being fourteen 2,5m diameter sand filter vessels for Katima Mulilo water works.

Tanks and drums for mining industry

Latest Products and Installations

We recently completed a project for Namibia Breweries for the design, supply and installation of six caustic tanks and the walkways and access ladders.

Nirosta built a tourist attraction feature at the “Rooi Dak Padstal” near Solitaire. The feature shows a Soviet rocket which supposedly crashed in the Namib Desert.

Stainless Steel 316 special made lobster-type sweep tee for Swakopmund Waterworks

The project entailed the design and construction of a hides conveyor to elevate the wet blue hides up to the fleshing machine at Nakara.The client aimed at a rate of 180 hides per hour.